Sparkling Christmas with Nani Rizzi

The most magical period of the year is right around the corner and for many of us this Christmas will be even more special. It means getting together with people we love, our family and friends, and this time we can finally celebrate it with the same peacefulness of a time.

Surely, there will be never-ending lunches and dinner, occasions during which we would love to toast with you, bringing our wine to your tables. This is the reason why, thanks to the precious advice of Graziano Simonella, Professional Sommelier and National AIS Advisor, we created a specific menu for you that can enhance both the Nani Rizzi wines and the food they accompany.

We would like to suggest you here some simple, but delicious seafood courses, that if combined to the right Nani Rizzi, will conquer the palate of your guests.
To get the ball rolling, we thought of an entrée made of a fine sea bass tartare and a very classic, always really appreciated, butter and salmon crouton. The good greasiness and sweet tendency perfectly balance with the freshness acidity, the saltiness, and the aromatic persistence of our Valdobbiadene Millesimato Extra Brut.
To add a touch of variety among the selected wines in the menu, we recommend now something different from the typical bubble, which is the Tranquillo Nonna Ida: a still wine, particularly harmonious in its bouquet, scents and aromas, optimal with a delicate zucchini and prawns’ risotto as first course.
Obviously, will not be missing a glass of our loving Gran Cuvée Ergi, whose the subtle sweetness, derived from its 17g/l of sugar, goes very well with scampi in the oven.

And if it’s true that bubbles are synonymous of celebrations, a Christmas dinner could not be so called without the famous Italian pandoro or panettone waiting for us at the end of the meal. With no doubt, you would appreciate it even more while sipping our Valdobbiadene Millesimato Dry: thanks to its elegance and pleasant softness it’ll let you end the dinner on a very sweet note.

And you? What kind of accompaniment have you chosen?