Annualy, the most renowned eno-gastronomic and lifestyle magazine of the Mitteleuropa countries, outlines a guide of the Italian wines dedicated to all the lovers of our products. It is a very careful selection of the most representative wines of our land, from the whites of Trentino to the reds of Piedmont and the bubbles of […]

Along the Wine Route, experiencing the beauty of our hills

When the gentle breeze still reminds of the cold, winter temperatures, and the sun already recalls the summer, that’s the perfect moment to enjoy a day out among the vineyards and the slopes of the Valdobbiadene and Conegliano’s hills that in spring show themselves in one of their most beautiful sides. Either you’re on your […]

Simple secrets for the perfect bottling, between science and beliefs

Only until the last century, our grandparents bottled the wine directly from the demijohns, where it rested throughout the whole winter. With the arrival of spring and the first warm temperatures, it spontaneously refermented in the bottle: we relied completely on the rhythms of Nature, and often, we even looked at the Moon. Since it […]