Martinotti-Charmat Method, what makes our Valdobbiadene DOCG unique

The lively bubbles that rise along the glass for minutes on end are the result of work over months and months, sometimes even years. According to the regulations, a sparkling wine is the product „obtained from the first or second alcoholic fermentation of fresh grapes, of grape must, of wine, characterized at the uncorking of […]

Nani Rizzi at the Venice International Film Festival 2023

Nani Rizzi is present at the 80th International Italian Film Festival in Venice, among events, exclusive parties and gala dinners. In such a prestigious context steeped in art, our sparkling wine will entertain elite guests by accompanying the cuisine of Chef Tino Vettorello at the Terrazza Biennale on the Venice Lido Promenade and in the […]

A little corner of paradise at home where to store our Valdobbiadene DOCG

Having a wine cellar where you can store your own bottles of wine is a desire of many wine enthusi-asts like us. Whether it is in a dedicated space in your home, rather than in the basement, or in the understairs, by following a few simple tips, you can recreate the perfect corner for your […]