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Nani Rizzi at the Venice International Film Festival 2023

Nani Rizzi is present at the 80th International Italian Film Festival in Venice, among events, exclusive parties and gala dinners. In such a prestigious context steeped in art, our sparkling wine will entertain elite guests by accompanying the cuisine of Chef Tino Vettorello at the Terrazza Biennale on the Venice Lido Promenade and in the […]

International Wine City’s Competition 2023

1400 samples were entered in the XXI edition of the International Wine City’s Competition 2023 held in May 12-14 in Sambuca, Sicily, Agrigento Special categories were presented again this year, such as the „Sparkling Forum“ award organized under the patronage of the Municipality of Valdobbiadene, dedicated precisely to the best sparkling wines. Nani Rizzi is […]

The flowering of Glera celebrating the start of Summer

In late spring, the hills of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano are perfumed with Summer: the most delicate phenological phase of the vine year begins by the end of May, when the flower buds start to open and the first bunches of grapes appear. After the winter rest, the shoot is at its maximum growing point, has […]


Defined by its lively mousse, freshness on the palate, pleasant mouthfeel and savory finish, our Valdobbiadene Millesimato Extra Brut DOCG wins over IWSC sommeliers again this year, with a score of 93/100. The Conegliano and Valdobbiadene area gets several medals by winning second place in the Sparkling Wine category, preceded by France and followed by […]


Annualy, the most renowned eno-gastronomic and lifestyle magazine of the Mitteleuropa countries, outlines a guide of the Italian wines dedicated to all the lovers of our products. It is a very careful selection of the most representative wines of our land, from the whites of Trentino to the reds of Piedmont and the bubbles of […]

Along the Wine Route, experiencing the beauty of our hills

When the gentle breeze still reminds of the cold, winter temperatures, and the sun already recalls the summer, that’s the perfect moment to enjoy a day out among the vineyards and the slopes of the Valdobbiadene and Conegliano’s hills that in spring show themselves in one of their most beautiful sides. Either you’re on your […]

Simple secrets for the perfect bottling, between science and beliefs

Only until the last century, our grandparents bottled the wine directly from the demijohns, where it rested throughout the whole winter. With the arrival of spring and the first warm temperatures, it spontaneously refermented in the bottle: we relied completely on the rhythms of Nature, and often, we even looked at the Moon. Since it […]

The cork, silent spectator of our toasts

Annually, in March, starts the cork’s extraction from the bark of the cork oak. It’s a very ancient ritual, that every year continues until July and August and which involves different Mediterranean Countries, our loved Sardinia and Sicily islands among them. A precious material that comes from a very long and patient activity, marked by […]

Sparkling Christmas with Nani Rizzi

The most magical period of the year is right around the corner and for many of us this Christmas will be even more special. It means getting together with people we love, our family and friends, and this time we can finally celebrate it with the same peacefulness of a time. Surely, there will be […]